BBQ Jackfruit Spinach Wrap

(This was my first attempt at this Soulies, not to toot my own horn but I think I done great!!! This recipe was made by yours truly 4rmsoul2vegan,Don't forget to head over and follow us on Instagram at ...ok let's get to this delicious recipe!!)


1/2 Cup of Jack fruit Company "BBQ Jack fruit"

1 Mission "Garden Spinach Herb Wrap"

3 Grapes Tomatoes

1/2 cup of Sliced halves of Cucumber

1 Tbsp of Guacamole

3 pieces of Spring Mix Salad


1. Place 1/2 cup of BBQ Jackfruit into a medium saucepan on low-medium for about 3 mins.(It's already cooked, all you need to do is warm it up).

2. Put 1 Mission Garden Spinach Herb Wrap on your favorite dish.

3. Put 1-2 Tbsp of guacamole on the wrap

4.Cut the 3 grape tomatoes into halves, and add it to the wrap

5. Add the the 1/2 of sliced halves of Cucumber

6. Place the 1/2 Cup of BBQ Jackfruit on top of the wrap, and add romaine lettuce

7. Fold wrap to you desired shape, and Cut in half

8. Enjoy Soulies!!!!

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