"Bringing Healthy and Hearty Together"

Hey Soulies ,I would like to introduce you guys to Chef Fitz Neptune!!!

I was honored to be introduced to an amazing soul Chef Fitz Neptune, through an associate. Neptune is a Ital,Plant based, Chef that makes vegan, and other flavorful dishes. His motto is, "Bringing Healthy and Hearty Together. Chef Neptune was born in Trinidad, and grew up as a Rastafarian,learning at an early age about plant based, and Caribbean food. Neptune pursued his cooking career about three years, when he decided to become a chef his main focus at the time was Caribbean food.He recently about a year ago decided to pursue Plant based /vegan cuisine as well.I had the pleasure to interview Chef Neptune,during the interview I asked some general questions about his career, and healthy lifestyle. I asked Neptune, What made you go Vegan/Plant based? Neptune Replied, "I have been Plant based for over a decade! Neptune choose to continue to embrace the teaching of being a Rasta, and stick to his roots of being Plant Based. I asked Neptune, What advice will you give someone that is opting /transiting to a healthier lifestyle? Neptune believes in the importance ,"Knowing,and feeling and being aware of how your body feels.Neptune stated. "That you have to want to pursue a healthier lifestyle for the right reason ,its a lifestyle you have to live it. Concluding this interview , I want to send a special thanks to Chef Fitz Neptune, he is such a free spirited, and an amazing soul. Neptune has a desire and passion on "Bringing healthy,and hearty together."

Chef Fitz can be found on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/chefnepkitchen/

He specializes in meal prepping,catering, and simply making flavorful dishes. He serves the triangle amd surrounding areas. Don't forget to tell him Antionette from 4rmsoul2vegan sent you lol!!!!

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