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Hey my beautiful Soulies, I know all is well with you guys!! I wanted to check in with you guys , and give u a brief update on what's going on at 4rmsoul2vegan. If you haven't checked out 4rmsoul2vegan apparel shop head on over. I can make another promo code for you guys ,so you can get a discount on your purchase. So the big question is where have I been l.o.l!!!??? I'm working behind the scene to improve 4rmsoul2vegan , and I appreciate all my Soulies feedback, and support it means the world to me. Soulies I mean when I say 4rmsoul2vegan is about community , and a non judgement zone, 4rmsoul2vegan is not about me, it's about you guys as well. I would love to know if you guys have questions about anything on the site, maybe you need more clarity or you need help transitioning into a healthier lifestyle or healthier alternative. I am here for my Soulies ,always feel free to email me at or you can use the Let's Chat! box, and everything you share with me will always be confidential,unless directed otherwise!!! I am looking for more bloggers to add to 4rmsoul2vegan, so if yourself or someone you have in mind please email me at Don't forget to join VegaTalk Soulies, comment,like ,or even post something that u have on your mind or want to bring awareness to. I love you so much and continue to enjoy your day beautiful people, and have an amazing week!!! #Peace&Love

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