F.A.S.T- Face,Arms,Speech,Time to call 911!!!!

So many people have strokes everyday, and are unaware of it. Having a stroke can be a very scary thing ,your body goes numb one side,slurred speech,and blurred vision.But don't worry Soulies Let's talk strokes... (If you or someone you know has had a stroke please call 911 immediately!!!)

What is it?

Stoke- Is sudden interruption in the blood supply of the brain.

Ischemic Stroke- Strokes that are caused by an abrupt blockage of arteries leading to the brain.

Hemorrhagic Stroke- Stoke that are caused by bleeding into the brain tissue when a blood vessel bursts.

What Causes It?

Ischemic stroke- Are most often caused by atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, and carry the same risk factors as heart attacks.

Hemorrhagic Stroke- High blood pressure and aging blood vessels are the most common causes of hemorrhagic stroke. Hemorrhagic strokes can be caused by arteriosclerosis malformation.( AVM)- abnormal tangle of blood vessels connecting arteries and veins, which disrupts hormal blood flow and oxygen circulation.

Tips To Prevent It?

1. Lower blood pressure- regular readings and a few basic blood test to check cholesterol levels.

2.Weight management- adopting long-term lifestyle modification to maintain a healthy body weight.

3. Stay active- Exercise, Dance. Get up and Move!!

4. Drink Responsibility - Watch alcohol content, drink in moderation.

5. Quit Smoking - Smoking affects the blood vessels, often narrowing or thickening them.

6. Stress management - Stress hormones increase blood pressure, and with those hormones long-term, it can lead to high blood pressure.

Home Remedies: Post-Stroke

1. Defeat Spasticity- Without medications, spasticity is a post stroke side effect characterized by stiff muscles. (Stroke rehabilitation exercises should be guided by a physical therapist).

2. Improve Mobility with Acupuncture- Acupuncture opens blood vessels for better flow and decreases clotting and inflammation.

3. Boost Brain Health with Natural foods and Vitamins- Consume blueberries,pomegranate,tomatoes, nuts,seeds,avocados and beans on the daily.

Home remedies/Herbal supplements

Ashwagandha- "Indian ginseng", ashwagandha has antioxidant properties that may prevent and treat strokes.

Bilberry - "often known as European blueberries," helps to maintain the flexibility of red blood cells allowing them to pass.

Asian ginseng- Is the specie of a plant whose root is the original source of ginseng.

Gotu Kola- Gotu Kola is a herb of the parsley family, and is used to improve memory and intellect.

Turmeric- May be able to help the body repair some of the damage caused immediately after a stroke.

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