Falafel Platter

(Shout out to Sarah from Sculpted Kitchen from sharing her amazing recipe don't forget to follow her on Instagram @ www.instagram.com/sculptedkitchen/ )

Falafel is a deep-fried ball, or a flat or doughnut-shaped patty, made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. Herbs, spices, and onion relatives are commonly added to the dough.

For this platter 👇. Falafels: 🥑 soaked garbanzo beans overnight. About 2 cups.

🥑 after rinsing them placed them with 3/4 cup of chopped purple onion, 4 T of chopped parsley and coriander. 🥑 2 tsp of salt.

🥑 6 cloves of garlic.

🥑 2 tsp of onion powder.

🥑 2 tsp of cumin powder. 🥑 a dash of pepper.

🥑Sculpted Kitchen tinkered around with the spices after and added some more depending on the taste. Sculpted Kitchen fried them in shallow oil and squeezed some lemon juice on after. . . There is also watermelon radishes, kale, hash browns, radishes, purple cabbage, cucumber peels, cherry tomatoes, peppers and edamame. 🌶🥦🥒🥕🌽🍆.

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