Holy Basil

What is it?

Holy basil is a plant. ... It is considered a sacred plant by the Hindus and is often planted around Hindu shrines. The Hindu name for holy basil, Tulsi, means "the incomparable one."

What are the Benefits?

Holy Basil helps relive stress ,anxiety,and inflammation.

What are the Health Benefits?

1. Anti-inflammatory

2. Antioxidant

3. Helps lower blood sugar

4. Helps relieves Arthritic pain

5. Helps relieve pain associated to Fibromyalgia

6. Relives Asthma

7. Helps in relieving Depression symptoms

8. Relieves Diabetes

How Do I Use It?

Holy basil can be used as a tea, made with the leaves of the holy basil, helps relieve stress and anxiety that helps support the immune system. Holy Basil can be applied to your skin as an ointment or essential oil, that eliminates bacteria, kill infections, removes acne, and skin irritations. Holy Basil can be made into a powder form, Holy Basil powder which can be consumed as an herbal supplement.

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