Let Go and Zen On!!!

I know we have all heard someone said I'm trying to be so Zen right now lol. Especially for myself when I feel overwhelmed or someone has really tried my patience. Let's talk Zen mediation.

What is it?

Zen meditation (Zazen) is a traditional Buddhist discipline providing insight into how the mind works, which offers benefits to one's well-being & spirit.

What Do I Perform It?

To begin practicing Zen meditation, find a comfortable place and position. Try short sessions where you focus on your breath. During Zen mediation some play zen mediation music to bring oneself to a calmness and stillness ,while others perform this meditation silence.

What are the Health Benefits?

1. It protects your heart

2.Supports the Immune System

3. It eases Depression

4. Lowers stress and anxiety

5. Promotes insight

6. Gives one clarity

7. Promotes self-control

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