Soak and Let it Go!

I love submerging in a beautiful bath with the different aroma of fresh herbs and essential oils. I love spirit bath I go in the bath with sometimes a clouded mind, and let all my cloudiness flow away. I arise out of the bath feeling renewed and free as a feather...Soak and Let it Go!!!!

What is it ?

Spirit bathing or often referred to as ritual bathing ritual cleanses you from physical grime and negative spiritual grime, thus purifying both your body and your aura.

How Does it Work?

1. Cleansing Your Mind- Preparing your mind is essential for a spirit bath, allowing your mind to go to a place of mind and cosmic bliss. This allows your mind to transfer negative energy into positive energy. Play Mediation music of your choice to allow your mind to set free and allow yourself to go to a place of divine peace.

2. Preparing the Bath- I use two cups of Epsom salt ,salt helps detox your body and pulls the negative energy from your mind. I use a few drops of lavender, and I place a few chamomile tea bags or fresh chamomile in my bath. I sometimes use a few fresh rose petals .I use warm to hot water to relax my joints and muscles.I normally soak in the bath for 30 mins-1 hour, sometimes longer.

3. Aromatherapy- I light candles such as blue,white,purple,and lavender candles.

White Candles- Destruction of negative energy.

Blue and Deep Blue Candles- Mediation,Healing,and Happiness

Purples Candles- Spiritual awareness

Lavender Candles- Peace and Intuition

What are the Benefits ?:

The benefits of a spirit bath is endless, your energy will be boosted, spiritual awareness and enlightenment, releases stress and anxiety,cleanses aura,relaxation, healing,peace , and intuition.

Image Credit: This image represents my preparation for a spirit bath, I used rose petal Epsom Salt, Lavender Epsom Salt, and Chakra Candles.

(* There is no wrong or right way due to popular beliefs of how to perform a spiritual bath, do what works best for you these are just suggestions of what works for me. I will say a spiritual bath is to cleanse your mind,and aura and give you spiritual awareness and enlightenment. If you feel like you succeeded at those three things then you succeeded at your first spiritual bath. Soak and Let it Go Soulie!!!!)

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