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Super Easy Vegan Cashew Milk

(Shout out to Phillip from exceedinglyvegan, for sharing his amazing recipe with us. Don't forget to go follow him on Instagram @exceedinglyvegan ,and check out his website www.exceedinglyvegan.com, Thanks Phillip).


35g cashew nuts

250ml water


1. Put cashews and water into a high power blender (you can soak the cashews before if you like but I never do and I don't find it's ever necessary) and blend for about 1-2 minutes or until you have a completely silky smooth plant-based milk.

2. This home-made cashew milk is perfect for coffee, tea or muesli. It's a great and healthy plant-based replacement for milk. It can be made anytime when you need it.

3. That's it! Enjoy!