The Miseducation of the "Vegan"

There are four categories that vegan are subject to be labels as let's dive more into and let's clear up some stereotypical statements that people seem to think all vegans are. Let's remember this is a non judgement zone so, let's answer some ongoing questions you or other inquiring minds may be wondering.

What do y'all eat just fruits and veggies?

A simply way to answer them, is stating yes we eat food and veggies lol, but I we can eat

anything you eat just a more modified way.

I don't see how y'all do it, I cant do it?

A simply way to answer them, is stating yea I used to feel the same way until I seen the difference it has made it my life and I have never felt this good in my life, but I understand everything is not for everybody and that's ok.

With each questions you are asked ,just remember that u probably was once curious so don't get offended use that opportunity to educate them and possibly invite someone new to the vegan community. To all that's reading this I apologize if you have ever been judged or judged someone today is a new day, and we all are figuring this thing called life out,so be patience love whether you decide to be vegan or not its all love. From my mouth to your ears at 4rmSoul2Vegan we are a community and my purpose is to educate you and help you grow into your best you!

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