Treats That Taste so Good,"It Can't Be Vegan"!!!

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Hey Soulies, I would like to introduce you guys to Chef Yis'Shyah Yisrael.

I was honored to meet Chef Shyah,this beautiful soul ,by trying her amazing vegan/gluten free baked goods. Chef Yis'Shyah Yisrael was born in Cincinnati, Ohio she now resides in Knightdale,NC where she established ShyahsVeganBakery, "a family owned vegan bakery. Chef Shyah didn't just start at baking delicious

vegan goods, She had been a culinary chef for six years. She decided to start baking vegan gluten free baked goods, when she realized the lack of vegan gluten free baked goods in the local stores. I was honored to interview Chef Shyah ,I asked her some general questions about being a chef, and pursuing a vegan lifestyle. I asked Shyah, What made you become a vegan,and how long? Shyah replied, She became ,Vegan after she had a Cervical Cancer health scare. Shyah decided to make a healthy change,and change her life for the better. Chef Shyah was been Vegan, and Gluten Free for nine years now,I can truly so this is an inspiration for myself!! When asked, What do you love about being a chef? Shyah stated, " I love making people happy with the things I create." She enjoys giving people healthy live food, not processed junk that is no good for body. I asked, How has your life transformed since pursuing the vegan lifestyle? Shyah replied, "She has healed herself for many Illness, lose weight she was a lot 300 pounds ,now she weighs 190. She also stated, "Her hair was grown tremendously, and her energy levels have been higher. Concluding the interview, I asked Chef Shyah a question that a lot of transiting people have....!!! What was the biggest lifestyle adjustment when going vegan???Chef Shyah went from being a culinary chef,to a self taught vegan chef,which had to be a major adjustment. Shyah believes, her biggest adjustment was, " Dietary restrictions, eating consciously by being aware of the food labels, and exactly what is in food.

It was a delightful pleasure interviewing Chef Yis'Shyah . She can be found on Instagram @ or at her website Her tasty baked goods can be found at Earth to Us 1720 Guess Rd suite 18, Durham, NC 27701, Golden Krust 3600 N Duke St, Durham, NC 27703 , Vegan Flava Cafe 306 W Franklin St ste g, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 , and Pure Juicery Bar 716 Slash Pine Dr, Cary, NC 27519 . You also order her delicious baked goods on her website at

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