What actually makes one wake up, and say "Hey I think I will go Vegan!"

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

I know I didn't wake up one beautiful day and look at the sky and say I think I'll go vegan today lol. My story is a little unique then most...If you have a little time I will tell you a funny story. It was an unusual day, I lied down for a nap as I usually do ,upon waking up I realize I couldn't breathe I felt my life flashing before I felt like I was going die that's the first day I had my first seizure, and yes I said seizure. I woke up not knowing what just happened but I knew I felt horrible. That was September 2013, lets fast forward two years later to SAVE YOU SOME TIME AND ME SOME TYPING LOL, hope you are still there yes you,lets take a break I'll wait go get a sip of water ok.......... hey you are back continuing the story. It's now 2015, it seems like I have no control over my body , all I know at this point is that I keep having seizures and I don't know what's going on with my body. I have tried every medicine and all I know is it makes me feel worst and zombie like and don't want to do anything. At this point I am fed up and start to lose hope all I can think is it's got to be a better way. I started to research and I find something called veganism , so I try it for a little while ,its so hard I try for about 6-8 months I cant take it I give up. BOOM! The seizures come back. Let's fast forward two years, I know your eyes are getting tired and so are my hands lol hope you are still there. It's 2017 I decide that I am in control and I longer than will allow epilepsy to control my life ,I changed my eating habits,stress level and my seizures went from having one three to four times a week to two to none a year. OK,OK I'm almost done I promise.BUT AS TIME WENT BUY IT GOT HARDER AND HARDER AND I WENT BACK TO MY ORIGINAL WAY OF EATING (SOUL FOOD "American Diet) I decided that I wanted something better for my life so I started studying holistic wellness, and I have been in a transition from Soul2Vegan since June of 2018,were I was first started out as vegetarian, then in September early October I started transitioning from Vegetarian to Vegan. Everyday I get better a being a better me and no this journey has not and will not be easy but the end results of living a holistic lifestyle and worth every second of it. I had to learn that being vegan or adopting a holistic lifestyle is not just about what u eat,its a lifestyle and its a ever evolving process and it evolves getting you mind,body and spirit healthy as well in order to be successful at this. The moral of the story is we are in control of our lives, and we have so much power that lays inside of us. Welcome to 4rmSoulVegan , I won't promise you I know it all but what I do I want to share with you and together we will work to figure this thing called life out together being our very best!!!!

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