Why So Salty....?

If you are anything like me I feel like I was addicted to table salt lol, I don't care how my food tasted I was adding salt anyway l.o.l, But seriously iodine salt is horrible for you body and can cause high blood pressure ,and high cholesterol. But no worry Soulie, I got you let's talk salt alternatives.


1. Sea Salt- Comes from the ocean and undergoes an evaporation process to separate the salt from the water.

Health Benefits: vital minerals like sodium,potassium, calcium, magnesium among other beneficial elements. Salt is essential for sustaining the hydration levels of the body.

2.Himalayan Pink Salt- Comes from the ancient seabeds in the Himalayan Mountains.

Health Benefits: This salt is, in fact, quite rich in minerals, containing all 84 essential trace elements required by your body. Pink salt can assist in many bodily functions, such as reducing muscle cramps, promoting blood sugar health and promoting healthy pH in your cells.

3. Red Hawaiian Salt- Red salt gets it's color from the volcanic Hawaiian clay called alaea.

Health Benefits: It is estimated to contain the highest concentration of essential trace minerals of any salt and is especially iron rich. If you have a tendency to be low in iron, this salt may be a good addition to your balanced diet.

4. Natural Herbs and Spices- mint,rosemary,nutmeg,basil,cardamon,chili/cayenne,and cinnamon

Health Benefits: The herbs and spices are low on sodium, and can still add flavor to your favorite dishes.

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